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As sequel to the globally famous tradition of our service organization of Delhi (India), presented below are the 2018 calendars to please and help our myriads of highly enthusiastic and loyal visitors of the world over. For nearly a decade, our world-famous and hugely popular and eminent service-firm has been offering the yearly calendars to meet various relevant requirements of its percipient and discerning readers/visitors with varied aims and objectives. The exclusive specialties of our free printable calendar 2018-19 are also highlighted in paragraphs below to inform and serve our global visitors forming a mammoth number.

Here, the great importance and utility of calendars, may be just mentioned to entertain and enlighten our teenage visitors, especially the school students. The yearly calendar is one of the essential things for scheduling and arranging our daily activities, and planning and organizing occasions and events throughout the whole year specified. The monthly and yearly calendars are immensely useful to school and college students, professionals, housewives, businesspersons, companies and firms, teachers and professors, travelers and vacationers, tourist agencies, educational and other institutions, commercial establishments, and even growing children below the age of 7-10 years. Only the uses of calendar vary from person to person differing in respect of age, activities/occupation, objectives, and future plans. Moreover, highly utilitarian and aesthetic calendars can also be sent to friends, relatives, lover or spouse, teachers, and other people of social or occupational contacts, as a very impressive gift, combined with well-wishes! Our unique, highly aesthetic, and truly scintillating yearly calendars 2018 have been designed to meet these all requirements and uses of our website visitors of the world over.

Free Printable Calendar 2018-19

Our free printable calendar 2018-19 is available in a wide variety, to be impressive and useful to all people mentioned above. These calendars for the year 2018 are well-adorned with interesting sceneries, captivating graphic designs, interactive colors and color combinations, aesthetic wordings and numberings, and events and holidays of Indian and global importance. The uses of these free printable calendars 2018 for different persons are described separately in paragraphs below in brief.

The school and college students may use these printable calendars for the following anyone or more purposes ---- pasting on the walls or study tables; presenting as gift to their friends and other dear people; pasting on the covers of books and notebooks; and keeping in their pocket for a ready reference. A housewife may use this printable calendar for one or more of the following objectives ---- pasting the calendars on walls at convenient locations for an easy reference; marking important occasions and events on the calendars; keeping an account of milk, water, gas, etc.; teaching children; and arranging and planning personal, familial, and social occasions and events throughout the year. Professionals and businessmen may use these calendars for the following main purposes --- scheduling personal, familial, and occupational works and events; organizing commercial/professional events and social gatherings throughout the year; and planning their business or professional travels and foreign tours in the concerned year. Similarly, almost every one of our society has certain uses of the monthly or yearly calendars.

Download Free Yearly Calendar

Visitors just have to select one or more yearly calendars given below, for sending the same to persons of their individual choices. He/she has only to download free printable calendar or save the same, and then send the selected calendar to the person desired.

Selection of any printable calendar may be made based on the likes or possible preferences of the recipient. The purposes for which the recipient is likely to use the sent calendar, may also be kept in mind while selecting any specific calendar. Children are most likely to like colorful and striking calendars, while the occupational persons are expected to like utilitarian calendars. For sending the calendar to housewives, preference should be given to the calendars which have enough space between the dating numerals.

Lastly, along with sending the selected printable calendar to any person of special choice, the sender must not forget to attach a separate message of well-wishes. This will be necessary as complementary. After all, you are sending a sumptuous thing supplemented by separate well-wishes, which will inspire and benefit the recipient throughout the year!

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