New Year Greetings

New Year is one of the world favorite's fest that is celebrated after being planned from last two to three months. People started planning from the month of Oct about their party sessions, decorations, booking shows and musical concerts and many more activities are to be there on the occasion of new year.

New year greetings are among the most favorable and widely chose act on the event of new year. People generally get new year cards with greeting and wishing words and use to exchange with dear and loved once.

Happy New Year Greeting Cards

Here 123newyears, bring you with the best of happy new year greeting cards.
  1. I hope this is the last year we spend apart, the next new year will have to be married. happy new year to love.
  2. My best wishes to you this year, I wish you to have the most wonderful person I ever knew, that despite everything you've been able to give me a bit 'of happiness that you deserve peace and happiness and the best that life can give you, to you that I was doing the MY LIFE forever! Happy New Year with Love
  3. I do not know if it wishes to come up there, but I think and hope so. Even though you left us for well over many past years, I still feel you near. Happy New Year, I miss you.
  4. I hope that this year might serve to calm the tense atmosphere that now runs around my waist, so I hope that the coming year can make a genuine change in my life and that of my dear, of course in a positive way, I take this opportunity to make a wish for a new year to all those who love me.
  5. For this year so thin and hard, I wish you all a peaceful future and a 2022 full of cheerfulness, wealthy and with lots of money and great success! Best wishes for the new year.
  6. Hello my love, you know now new year is on the way and you know that new year brings many new challenges and gifts that leaves a huge wake. But you love with your voice give me the infinite and leave a trail of unforgettable emotions. In short time you managed to fill my heart with sweet notes and your words have made this life more than the aroma of fragrant, scented like your songs. They say the sun is the brightest star and heat it gives off but perhaps have not seen your eyes so bright and sensitive and are filled with great joy! Sometimes life is so bad, but when everything around you is dark you do not worry, just take a microphone and singing into a new existence, do not worry because in this world there is so opaque that always clap my hands and my voice still resonate, you will only hear a phrase that comes to the stars. Happy New Year...!!