New Year Holidays in Spain

The Kingdom of Spain or Spain is located in Southwestern Europe on the lberian Peninsula. This is popular destination with lots of fun and other activities. You can enjoy the precious time with your friends and family. In Spain people celebrates New Year in unique style. Tradition of 12 Grape eating makes New Year celebration unique and special. This tradition was started by the king of Spain ages back.

If you are celebrating New Year holidays in Spain then you can see that as the clock strikes 12, people in Spain eat 12 grapes symbolizing the 12 months of the year. People gather at the Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid or watch the event on the television to be a part of New Year celebrations. Every heart is filled with excitement and joy.

They bid farewell to the old year and welcome New Year with new hope. Wishing happy New Year to each other in loud voice as the clock strikes 12, fills the air with prosperity. New Year holidays in Spain are the best way to explore the interesting life, people and culture, and variety of cuisines of the Spain.

Cold and hot soups such as garlic based Castilian soup, gazpacho are very popular. Rice- based dishes like paella, arroz Negro, vegetables and fish-based stews like gallego and marmitako are also popular.

If you are going for New Year holidays in Spain with your children then you can enjoy the adventurous and famous sports formula one, basketball, tennis and handball. Spain is one of the popular destinations for fishing and famous in Europe for golfing.

Apart from all the above things you have number of attractions to visit Guggenheim Museum, the Moorish palace of Alhambra in Granada, and museum of Salvadore Dali. You can explore the nightlife of Spain and other recreational areas which are amazing.