New Year River Cruises

New Year river cruises have become an elegant and exotic means of celebrating new year eve all around the world. New Year river cruises are voyages through the scenic, placid, exotic, pastoral, and captivating route of wide and big rivers, for celebrating the new years eve sailing along aboard well-equipped, spacious, and luxurious ships or cruisers.
Feasting, merry-making, drinking, partying, and sight-seeing are the most prominent activities aboard the ship, for new years eve celebrations. Formerly most popular to the European countries, these new year river cruises have now become, a special and exclusive way of celebrating the new year, in all across the world.

New Year River Cruises From Around the World

The following are the most famous, immensely popular, and highly cherished new year river cruises in all around the world :

European Rhine Valley Cruises: New Year Rhine valley cruises offer scenic and enthralling views of many old and new European cities like Amsterdam, Strasbourg, and Koenigswinter, in addition to the scenic, placid, and extensive riverside landscapes containing calm villages and refreshing greenery.

European Rhine and Moselle Cruises: Rhine and Moselle are two most prominent and spectacular rivers, and New Year cruises through these rivers cover destinations from Amsterdam to Basel, including Germany. Rhine and Moselle New Year cruises are the most famous and popular European river cruises, the pleasure and exoticism offered by these are much more intensified through sailing on spacious and luxurious cruisers like Viking Helvetia.

Nile River Cruises in Egypt: Celebrate the New Year Eve aboard an ultra-modern, luxurious, and well-equipped cruiser, sailing through the extensive Nile river of Egypt which is world-famous its Pyramids. New Year Nile river cruises provide the opportunity to the visit a large many historical monuments and temples, and commonly cover the places from Aswan to Luxor.
Danube River Cruises: New Year Danube river cruises help the voyagers to enjoy a highly entertaining and exotic New Year Eve celebration, through offering highly scenic and enthralling views of Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, and many more spectacular cities of Europe. New Year Danube river cruises are also available for voyage through Austria and Germany.

River Seine Cruises: New Year river Seine cruises, provide the spectacular views of Paris, the coastal towns of Trouville and Deauville, and the historical destinations of Rouen and Honfleur.

Mekong New Year Cruises: These cruises are within the terminals of Cambodia to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), and offer highly impressive views of scenic surroundings and quiet pastoral villages.

New Years Eve River Cruises

New year eve river cruises can be more fun with your partner if you plan this trip similarly as your first honeymoon. Well, if you are already planning to purchase a unique new year gift for your partner, why not take her on a new year eve river cruises. This is truly going to enhance your excitement and the spirit of joy on new years. There are many other ways to ring in the new year with zeal and excitement but the height of experience that you can grab at a new years eve river cruises is unmatchable. River cruises are normally smaller than ocean going cruises and some of the popular attractions where you can reach through river cruises are Russia, china and Peruvian Amazon.
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