Top 10 Do's and Don'ts on New Year's Eve

Ready for the last night of the year? What to do, where to go and with whom? And what not to do to have best New Year eve celebration? Here are some tips about events that take place throughout the province walking from the streets to the local theaters to restaurants, entertainment, attractions abound. The important thing is do not forget to wear something red and cook a good dish of sausage and lentils for the arrival of midnight.

Do : Do Avoid High Calories Drinks and Food To Enjoy Fullest
There are many types of drinks like rum, whisky, vodka and many more hard drinks that fade your New Year eve celebration. Be sure it is the last day of the year and you should be very active and remain cool and calm to have fullest enjoyment. Food like spiked eggnog, Irish coffee and buttered rum are also full of high calories that should be avoided during New Year eve celebration.

Do : Be Sure With Your Drinks
During celebration, it is very familiar to get some fun and jest with friends and with close ones while making pleasantry act. While having a drink be sure that should not be used by any other person. Be sure that your drink should be out of reach from other persons while keep in your hands carefully. If you keep your drink down or give to someone for any reason then be sure to take new one not to use that as there is chance to make any jest act with you by your near once.

DO: Have A Chauffeur
Do get private driver for new year eve celebration as if you already decide to have drink in the party or without hard drink one cannot enjoy his or her new year eve party then be sure not to drive. Either hire chauffeur or use public transport or take favor from friends to drop at your residence. As new year eve is one of the deadliest for the pedestrians as because of drunk drivers. So, be sure to have safe new year eve celebration.

DO: Wear Warm Clothes
During New Year, the weather hope to be very cold and even you might face snowfall. Thus, be sure to wear sufficient clothes; warm your body with winter clothing. Again be sure not to wear layers of clothes as it will become hurdle or get difficult for you to enjoy your New Year eve party.

DO: Be Careful About Who You Have Physical Relation With
New Year Eve is a session with fun and enjoyment. Midnight shows, hard drinks, dance parties, fashion shows are some of the major facets of new year eve destinations. Under the shadows of all these glamorous activities; getting closer to person; having smooch; kisses that sometimes result to having physical relation on the new year eve session. Thus, be sure with who you get closer that person should be known by your family or friend circle in order to avoid any physical or social problem create in future.

Do : Be Sure Your Cell Phone Should Be With Fully Battery and Your Home Keys Should Be With You.
Do not forget about your cell phone and home keys while stepping out for new year eve parties. It is very common that person in party forget to take care about his or her belonging stuffs. This create problem and even can spoil all your celebration mood. Thus, be sure that your cell phone should be with you and charge with fully battery as in case of any emergency you can easily contact your near once.

DON'T: Do Illicit Drugs
Illicit drugs means face to several other problems not only to yourself but also for those who are with you. Especially when you are with your spouse or fiance not to follow illicit drugs that might be harm your relations or even end your celebration mood of new year eve celebration.

Don't : Wear Outdated Or Out Fashion Dresses
Do not wear old clothes or out fashioned dresses. Be sure you must be look smart and attractive that like seems enough to charge the mood of whole party. New Year Eve is the session with great parties and funny activities that can only be enjoy if you are well fantastic dresses.

DON'T: Go Crazy With The Fireworks
If you plan to hold your own firework, then you should be careful with firework activity. That should be in open place under supervision of experienced personnel and be sure to keep yourself out of any risk. Do not get crazy with fireworks and get ill on the occasion of new year eve.

Don't: Do Company Of Unrecognized
As this is the time to say goodbye to present year and time to have warm to coming baby year. Thus, many time people get charge with past rivalries and try to follow some harmful activities. So, be sure to get company of those people you know never get with unrecognized people; especially in city outskirt area.