New Years Eve Wedding

Starting a new way of living life from the auspicious beginning of the New Year, is certainly an impressive, decent, and bright idea! New Year's Eve Weddings are becoming increasingly popular day-by-day in the Western countries and other parts of the world.

In the new year's eve weddings, the beginning of new married life finds a highly favorable support and environment, by the happy and gratifying celebration of the new year's eve with all the near and dear ones, and by the greetings and blessings of "Happy and Prosperous New Year!" from them all.

New Years Eve Wedding Ideas

The following are some of the most elegant and decent new year's eve wedding ideas, for making the event more or most festive, happy, and memorable:
  1. Select the most suitable wedding venue considering your status, number of guests, and special treatment and service to the guests.
  2. Reserve the venue, well in advance; otherwise it could be reserved by others for new year's eve parties.
  3. As soon as the wedding venue is reserved, send out the invitations to the desired guests. Early invitations will give them the facility to accommodate it in their busy Christmas season schedules. Invitations must be appealing, scintillating, and enticing. Use quality materials, sober and refined color-combinations, and fonts. White and gold or silver are simply impressive!
  4. Make all arrangements keeping in mind that, the occasion is primarily the New Year's Eve for the guests, for their wholesome entertainment and festivity.
  5. Food, beverage, entertainment, and countdown carnival, must be planned and made gratifying, wholesome, decent, and euphoric. Food items can include appetizers, new year's eve party foods, and food items of most popular, preferable, and evergreen choices. Some of such food items are Champagne recipes, Seafood Linguine, Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops with Spinach; Prime Rib recipes; Fondue recipes; Chicken/Beef sticks; Scallops in Saffron-Tarragon Broth; Scallops and bacon; and, Rack of Lamb with warm Apple and Lentil Salad.
  6. Start your new year's eve wedding ceremony around 8 pm. Such arrangement will give the guests enough time to celebrate the countdown carnival, after the wedding ceremony.
  7. Long satin gown with shimmering sequins, and other wedding dresses would make the bride more beautiful! Red and white roses are among the most popular flowers of the occasion. Perfect New Year's Eve colors are silver and gold or black.
  8. Glittering and glamorous light and other decorations, exotic firework exhibits, and the facilities of watching the dropping ball, during the countdown carnival, must be made scrupulously.