Gifting Traditions

There is some reason behind every festival and celebration. The tradition of celebrating festival is different in different places. On the occasion of new year people exchange gifts. By giving gifts to each other they show their love and care towards their loved ones. New Year gifting traditions are very old but it would difficult to predict that when new year gifting traditions Started.

Giving and receiving gifts on new year is started in ancient days. New Year gifting traditions is a best way to make your relationship stronger with your loved ones. We are so busy in our lives that we don't get time to express our feelings. By giving small gift to our loved ones we can share our love and blessings with them.

There are varieties of gifts available in the market. A simple flower is sufficient to show your deep feelings. In England and Scotland New Year gifting tradition is very popular. Queen Elizabeth made it a mandatory custom. In Scotland also people follows this New Year gifting tradition. Gloves and oranges stuck with cloves are some most popular gifts.

The new year gifting traditions are very popular in US, German and Denmark then in France, Switzerland, Russia and Greece. The Celts and Romans symbolize New Year gifts with love and love.

New Year gifting tradition is known as Strenae to refer Sternia, the goddess of luck, by Greeks. Tradition started with gifting bunch of plants initially moving on to nuts and coins. Janus is a Geek god, and nuts and coins are imprinted with his image. New Year gifting traditions helps in building new relations and bonding old relations.