It's very old tradition to have new year glasses during the new year parties and celebration. New Year glasses with attribute of novelty glasses are usually carried numerical shape that depicts the year to come. It is a sense of regards and respect given to past year and have warm welcome for upcoming year.

These new year glasses full the mood with celebration and fun while celebrating with lots of funny activities. This style of numerical novelty glasses being wore during new year eve was discovered and patented by Richard Sclafani and Peter Cicero in the year of 1990, till now it's being concerned with high priority and regards while celebrating the moment of new year. Here 123newyears, brings you with new year glasses 2022 with different styles and colorful that surely prove to be best and lucky for upcoming new year 2022.

People usually wear these new year glasses during the time of new year eve when everyone is mood of celebration and fun. These glasses would add more potential and fill the party with fabulous spirit. Wearing of these glasses means to host party with enormous esteem while blessing and wishes to each other dear and loved ones. These glasses bring extra buzz to the party that creates a sense of humour and fun along there.

New Years Eve Party Glasses

During these of high technological and fashionable world, many new types of new year eve party glasses have been available in the market with new design and amazing looks. It is not so expensive but is you choose dramatically impressive then it may take you to high price. There are tips and procedures while preparing at home that come under the segment of homemade glasses for new year eve party.

How to make new year eve party glasses at home :
  • First keep your own sun glasses over 20-inch piece of sketch paper and gets its outline on the paper. Then trace the outline of lenses.
  • Then draw eyes circle on the paper for eye openings and finally cut out paper from there in order to make holes for your eye openings.
  • Then design stars, heart, dragon, flowers and so on; on the holes of eyes in order to create amazing and wow.
  • Then draw or sketch the year numbers over the eye opening holes to make it in a numerical shape.
  • Draw different unique sketches around the lenses to make it more wonderful. Cut the number into correct form so that it looks stand still.
  • Then tie it around your eyes and look from it. Be sure holes should be well enough for you to look easily and with comfort.