New Years Eve in Greece

New Years Eve is celebrated with the feelings of joy and merriment in Greece and many customs and traditions are related to the celebration. The day of 1st January is also celebrated as St Basil Day regarding the honor of Saint who was founder of Orthodox Church. The On this day, the peoples of Greece gather round in the town's midpoint to celebrate and observe the fireworks.

The festivities are taken place in the nightclubs and bars and also fireworks that is an integral parts of the eve celebration in Greece. Its traditions and customs are also considered as lucky day of the year. On this auspicious day, from teenagers to young people create a maniacal panorama by announcing a bloodless combat on each other using weapons of plastic hammer, foam spray and whistle etc.

New Year Eve Celebration in Greece

Including of great thrills and passions of celebration, the New Year eve in Greece is really a one of the most observance day. Folks enjoy of all moments of celebration with their traditional activities and events. The traditions like playing games are also considers as lucky. Some of the games are as play cards and roll dice in coffee-houses, club-houses and individual's homes that played by local folks around the country.

Beside that there is a state lottery which raffles 10 million Euros on the day. During the holidays, bars and clubs are filled with mass of people at the night of eve celebration. The fun and excitement continues until sunrise. The fireworks displays are organize throughout Greece and cities are also decorated by municipalities and they also arrange some musical events. Planning of New Year eve activities demands little bit efforts and it usually keep children and adults both busy.

Children used to stay away until the clock hits and at midnight they get busy to playing some traditional games such as “Berlina” and "Vasilias". They also sing carols of Greece that is a part of New Years Eve party. Adults also play games as cards for entertainment and also for believed to luck comes. Find ideas and hotels for celebration in Greece. To know more about New Year eve celebration in Greece, visit