New Years Eve in Japan

New Year Eve in Japan is celebrated pretty different from the American way involves lots of customs and traditions. It lasts for three days and considered to be very special celebration for Japanese folks. The New Year's celebrate as flattering occasions with several customary activities and events. People like to spend their full holiday's time with family and relatives.

On this day, people usually clean their house called Ousouji with the intention to welcome New Year and wish for better life ahead. "Osechi", traditional dish of Japan is cooked on this day that is usually eaten few days after the celebration. Shimenawa, made from rice stems that also used to hang out at front door by men as a decoration with the expectation of good Kismet and good year ahead. Most are normally goes to nightclubs, discos for enjoying the eve celebration with parties, dancing etc.

New Year Eve Celebration in Japan

New Year eve is celebrated by Japanese with various cultural ways. They previously go to shrines and temples to pray along with families and make cheerful atmosphere. Visiting Shrines or temple in Japan is really a great experience for visitors. A visitor can visit numerous famous temples during the celebration.

Local folks traditionally watch TV when they back to home and enjoy many cultural programs related to New Years. After watching TV, Japanese usually eat "Toshikoshi Soba", it is traditional food made on the day of eve celebration. It has believed that such food is eaten with the purposes to wish longer life and healthy body. Families eagerly wait for listen the "Joya-no-Kane", the midnight temple bells. With the hits of midnight, tolling of the great bells rang at Buddhist temples around entire Japan. Few big temples are also boast large crowds of people to watch event.

One of the interesting things that bell sounds for 108 times. It also considered that tradition comes from Buddhism cultures. The New Year eve is not only to preparation for Japanese but it is an important festival overall for them. If you are thinking for spend your holidays breaks in Japan, it is really a great thoughts. Several cultural and traditional programs, you can enjoy much during the eve. Know more by visiting