New Years Eve in Malta

Malta is an accumulation of islands in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta lies directly to the south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. New Year's Eve in Malta is widely celebrated with great happiness and vigor. The people of Malta love fireworks with a passion that rivals that of the Chinese. During the eve, dinning and drinking is most vital part of the celebration and folks entertain it much. It carries ample of gladness and joys amongst the people of Malta and they are also eagerly waiting for this celebration.

High spirits and energies also seem during the festival amongst the people. Several renowned places and hotels are to be busy in preparation for New Year eve and some events or activities that perform on the day of eve celebration. Fireworks events are also grand parts of Malta New Year celebration and it can observe many places by visitors.

New Year Eve Celebration in Malta

Malta is one of the beautiful destinations of European continents. New Year eve celebration in Malta is cherished moment for all folks of Malta and also for tourists around the world who come significantly for celebration of New Year's Day. They also generally visit this Island to take part in the gala events to welcome the fresh year. Malta is one of the prime attractions for thousands of visitors as it has one of the wildest night lives in the whole of European continent.

There are many traditions attached with New Year eve. Sprinkling of lime is one among the various New Year traditions in Malta. In this ritual general folk used to go out in the village streets and sprinkle some white lime on the thresholds on New Year's Day. The white lime is a symbol of transparency signifying a new beginning. After that the general folks used to ask for a donation from the senior family member. Another New Year tradition in Malta is the "Strina".

There was a custom that children did not receive Christmas gifts on Christmas day. Instead they received gifts on the day with special treats from the elders. You have great opportunities to enjoy New Year's Day with its traditions and gala events. Many hotels are also waiting for you with their unique traditions and give chances to people enjoy the great holidays. To know more, keep joined to