New Years Eve in Russia

In Russia, New Year eve is celebrated in deep interest and all people take part in this celebration in great extent and enjoy it with huge passion. All cities and renowned places are normally to seen busy in their traditional or cultural activities and New Year's event. The eve celebration in Russia includes various cultures and traditions. On the days of celebration, local folks are usually goes to church to pray and wish for happy day ahead.

Most famous place life St Petersburg and Palace Square in Russia are jammed packed with several different events and activities on the day of New Year eve. The local folks as well as tourists gather in huge amount at numerous nightclubs and pubs with their close ones, family members and someone specials to enjoy full night of the eve. The fireworks events are also to seen at several place of city St Petersburg and Palace Square and such places are totally packed with local people and tourists also.

New Year Eve Celebration in Russia

New Year eve celebration in Russia is considered as much amusing and most families celebrate it with great essence. Every Russian people are busy in preparation of festival before few days. The vim and vigor of celebration can be seen by family get together, perform fireworks, enjoy delicious food etc.

They normally arranged a party on the day of eve and also put some cultural activities to enjoy their ethnicity. Their cultural programmes are really a much amusing and give lots of fun during the partying, dancing, eating delicious meals etc. The Russian people are eagerly waiting for striking clocks as twelve. As striking midnight they use to greet and hug each other. All the Party clubs, hotels and restaurants are blocked up on New Year's Eve. Every streets and well famous places are busy with sparkling fireworks displays on this night of eve and mass of people are also observed at this time.

Russians also go after the tradition of listening to the speech from the President on this day. There are some more action-packed traditions followed by Russians at the time of festival and the famous one is the custom of fortune telling. Lots of people especially women and unmarried girls are enthusiastic to know about their future pamper in this activity. Know more by visiting