New Years Eve in Suriname

In the December month, thousands of Surinamese people travel back from abroad to their country to merriment the New Year eve celebration with their family or friends. One of the most accepted festivals as Pagara also held once a year on the day of eve celebration at the city center of Paramaribo. Such tradition is begun out like collaboration between diverse shops and companies situated with the hub of Paramaribo that closed off the year simultaneously has developed to become one of the major national events of the year.

The preparation of New Year eve in Suriname is starts from first week of December and continues until the first January. There are almost several activities are taken every day until the starting of New Year celebration. On this occasion, several shows and concert including of fireworks displays take place that are popular among the citizens of Suriname. The eve celebration is not only a usual day filled with fun and happiness but a lot more.

New Year Eve Celebration in Suriname

Celebrating with the great pleasure, ardor and heartiness, New Year eve is really a great event for Surinamese just like other countries and they spend the celebration with paying much time with family, friends and also with relatives.

The streets, houses as well as commercial houses are also decorated with lights and other ornamental things to welcome the New Year. The traditions of the country disclose the naive myth that this time is to start fresh life. It is also the particular moment of revival and renewal in almost every sphere of life. New Year eve celebration in Suriname is a social event where people keep back their time for friends and family and go out and meet people. As the clock strikes midnight, people of Suriname come out of their houses and gather in concert with their families and friends to revel in the festive spirit and start wishing and greeting people.

In Suriname, there is also allowance to crack fireworks at home without any permission for last week of the December. The fireworks can also be heard just about every day in the December month. But major bustle is the city center of the city that helps on the end of the previous year. In the celebration, all businesses are contending for the biggest sparkler shoot. Know more by visiting