Aquarius 2013 Horoscope

People born under the sun sign Aquarius will enjoy an overall year with mixed effects ‘ups and downs'. The beginning of the year 2013 may prove to be lucky and in your favor but by the end of the year, you may feel a bit unsatisfied at work.

Aquarius 2013

The sun sign Aquarius originates from the constellation Aquarius and is the 11th zodiac sign in the astrology calendar. People born under this sun sign are masculine as the sign itself features masculinity. The career and health is ruled by the planet Uranus. Therefore, accordingly, 2013 will be an average year but better than the previous year.

Aquarius 2013 Work Horoscope

Your professional life will undergo various changes which may trigger your work. One gives you new directives to apply at work whereas other tells you to work the same way you have been doing. The final decision is yours. Such tricky situations may arise in the mid of the 2013. Therefore, a good planning and organization is required.

Aquarius 2013 Love Horoscopes

Aquarius 2013 love horoscope predicts that you will be passionate this year. You love life will be smooth and romantically excellent. You may receive surprises from your partner which can add spark and affection to your relationship whether it is new or long term.

Aquarius 2013 Money Astrology

The astral influences this year from money point of view can be enriching and fulfilling. You will enjoy a good financial period in the year 2013 as the previous year was a bit tight and depressing phase for you and your family. A few money concepts need to be understood and a good planning over expenditure is also required if you are planning to make investment in 2013.

Aquarius 2013 Relationships Predictions

This month you'll be working really hard due to which you'll not be playing hard from relationships perspective. The relationships with your family will be neutral but with relatives and friends, it can be a bit emotional and depressing phase in 2013.