2014 - Year of the Horse (Chinese Zodiac Calendar)

The year that we are born with does not have much of its value besides the normal zodiac signs. But for those who are of the East Asian or to be precise the Chinese origin have a very interesting way of describing the importance of the year and in which category it belongs according to the Shengxiao or better known as the chinese zodiac. Based on the lunisolar calendar the numbers of years are divided into a twelve mathematical series, thus they have been categorized into twelve specific zodiac signs or signs of animals. Apart from it also gives its importance to the five elements such as Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. And it has been well accepted in the eastern countries of Asia specifically in China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The different animals with their Chinese names are:
  1. Zi (rat)
  2. Chou (ox)
  3. Yin (tiger)
  4. Mao (rabbit)
  5. Chen (dragon)
  6. Si (snake)
  7. Wu (horse)
  8. Wei (sheep)
  9. Shen (monkey)
  10. You (rooster)
  11. Xu (dog)
  12. Hai (boar/pig)
It starts with the year of the rat and goes in a cycle which is in a way contradicting with the Greek origin of the zodiac signs which denotes the number of months and the dates. Precise accounts are taken of the astronomical for the study sun's longitude and the moon's phases and it does not take into any importance to the star signs of the constellations.

For those who are born under this magnificent sign of the Wu or better known as the horse will be able to achieve the best in 2014 - year of the horse (chinese zodiac calendar) as its their year. According to this sign they have certain traits such as diligent, friendly, warm hearted, bright, sophisticated, talented, clever and independent or free spirited. They carry in them the personality of being strong yet compassionate and are jolly. But if they are challenged with anything they will pursue it with stubbornness despite the disagreement from others. Those born under the 2014 - Year of the Horse are liberal by nature and love to be let alone to themselves and not tied down with anything that will bind down their freedom. In the case of compatibility they can get alone very well with those born under the year of the pig, dog and tiger. Some of the famous personalities under this are Teddy Roosevelt, Sir Isaac Newton, Barbara Streisand, Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Kristen Stewart and Genghis Khan.