New Year 2014 Las Vegas

Las Vegas better known as Vegas, ‘the city of entertainment’ that will never stop from surpassing your wildest dreams making you feel like a royalty with a class and envied by many. Here the lights glitter like the stars and pierce through the eyes of the observer whether it be from the ground or from air.
What makes it the best is the gathering of the gathering of the top players from the industry of entertainment especially in the field of tourism, gambling, lavish hotels, restaurants, amazing fireworks and beautiful fountains making it a gathering of the whole world from every section all at one place. One of the most happening events of the year is new year celebration at Vegas. The whole environment is filled with the spirit of the joy and merry making with its special treatments to its customers from around the globe.

Some of the most visited and hangout places are given as under:
  • Neon Museum
  • Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement
  • The Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • Lied Discovery Children's Museum National Atomic Testing Museum
  • The Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park
The new years eve party with all the exciting affairs that it has to share with loud music and dancing girls to satisfy the innermost desire of every man. Besides it there are a series of places and casinos where one can make money to spend luxuriously in getting the services of a lifetime making everyone feel special. Exotic drinks and foods from all over the world whether it be from a five star hotel or even a simple food stand it has everything all in one compact city. The nights are never quite or asleep with the beaming lights like fireflies in a dark and moonlight skies with feverous feeling of being alive again.

Since it is being the best place with an array of treatments’ that will make us feel like the best place to live, it has a very tight schedule for hotels booking but is never a problem as every hotel has its own openings for getting a room in advance or in the very last minute. Most of its hotels have also been in famous movies of mostly entertainment and gambling that will surpass our imagination.

There are also different ways of making the time of our life with our special ones with new year cruises where we can travel where ever we want and wish for. For those who are more on the adventurous vibe can also go for river cruises and other cruises filled with the delicious food, exotic places and countless numbers of sea animals swimming in its native habitat.