New Year's Day 2024 around the World

The world is a beautiful place to live with diverse mixture of race, religion, customs and ways of living. Despite the difference we are all surviving in it with the spirit of humanity. The common thinking has brought about the unity in diversity in celebrating in a certain way around the world.
Whether it is christmas, new year, and religious merriment have all been accepted by people. Depending upon the difference there are various aspects that brings it together also such is the case of merry making together. But due the difference in their beliefs and traditions the time or date of commemorate the festival has also different but the spirit remains the same. new year day is one fest which is being organized and is being observed by the whole world but in different dates. Due to the presence and the following of a variety of faith has brought about the dissimilarity in the date and style of its celebration. Let's take for example the Chinese they follow the lunisolar calendar; again there is the Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar and many more which the people follow. Although the most common date which has been acknowledged by the whole world is that of the 1st of January as new year day, although there are again regional differences on the date and the day as compared to that of the former. Irrespective of it there is no change in the spirit and unity for greeting the coming of the year ahead. Depending on the dissimilar on the day of its commemorations there are a varieties of dates available. Despite the difference in the day and the style of organizing the best time of the year the love and respect for is same all over the globe The night sky is covered with firecrackers that light up the dark nights and people are in awe to watch the beautiful display of it and the heart full greetings and welcome for the New Year to be prosperous and filled with luck.