New Year Celebration

All over the world, people welcome and celebrate the every festival and holidays with great zeal and pomp. Most celebrations focus on family and friends. Celebration is a ideal time to reflect your love, affection and attachment with your family, friend and all near and dear.

Perhaps, in a world where people live together in harmony they celebrate the festival with ritual. Entire the world every country has its own traditions and customs to celebrate festivals with amusement and passion. Celebration is very important thing to overcome our daily work and mingle with our relatives to share our views and experience.

Celebrations Around the World

Christmas Festival : Christmas all over the world is celebrated in different ways by different countries. Customs vary allover the world for observing Christmas, but they all center on celebrating the origin of Jesus Christ. Thus, around the world, people have taken the celebration of the birth of Jesus and made a Christmas that fits with the culture and society of their own country.

Father's Day : All over the world, people celebrate Fathers Day to respect dads and to convey their love and affection for them. It may be noted that the date of Father's Day festival in not set and dissimilar countries all over the world celebrate Father Day on different times of the year.

Diwali : Diwali across the world is also celebrated with fun and passion. Outside India mainly in Myanmar, Singapore, Srilanka, Trinidad, Guyana, Fiji, Malaysia, Nepal, Mauritius, and Tobago, Britain, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Africa, and Australia the Hindus celebrate Diwali. The festival of Diwali celebration celebrate around the world with big fun.