New Year Celebrations

New Year is an ideal time of celebration, a time to meet and celebrate with family and friends. New Year countdown embarks the jolly good times that drape our lives with joyous festivities. New Year celebrations are in the air with pleasure in everyone's heart.

Most New Year celebrations focus on friends and family. It is a time to show on the past and imagine a future, perhaps, in a world where people live together in harmony. When the clock reached midnight, the corks of champagne bottles are popped up and cheerful sounds of New Year Wishes are in the air.

History of New Year's Day Celebrations

Many churches celebrate the devour of the Circumcision of Christ on January 1, based on the faith that Jesus was rebirth on December 25, and that, according to Jewish custom, his circumcision would have taken place on the eighth day of his life (which would be January 1). The Catholic Church has also given the name banquet of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God to their sacred day on January 1.

In cultures which traditionally or presently use calendars other than the Gregorian, New Year's Day is frequently also an essential celebration. Some countries concurrently apply the Gregorian and another calendar. New Year's Day in the alternative calendar often magnetized more elaborate celebrations than the Gregorian New year.