New Year's Day Parade 2022

London, being as a capital of Great Britain and England and largest in Western Europe, where it lies on the River Thames in southeast England. London is one of the elite and elegant cities of Great Britain that houses numbers of tourist attractions and destinations in order to celebrate the event of New Year with great fun and excitement.

Among the huge list of London events and festivals, New Year's day parade is one of the most favorable events that is witnessed by thousands of thronging crowd. London being with young blood and youth, celebrates the event of new year's day parade 2022 with great fun and fervor. New year's Day Parade 2022 is one of the best and favorable events being played out in the segment of Europe.

There is no any other way to celebrate the event in such fun and entertainment where thousands of street artists would perform their art and creatives on the street of London. For new year is the best to wish and bless your families and friends while attending this occasion of London parade. This parade in London during new year represents to 20 countries and broadcasted by major channels of the world including BBC, CBS, SKY, CNN, FOX news and amny more.

New Year Day Parade London

Great Britain is well known for its bursting cities and sleepless streets. During events and occasions this country of leisure being turned to superb and sparkling while welcome to its visitors from other countries of the world. In Great Britain, London is one of the biggest celebration points that houses world renowned celebrations including New Year parade held over the Thames and Trafalgar Square.

New Year day parade in London is held over the alongside of streets of the West End of London on 1st January. There is huge crowd with thousands in numbers visit from different countries of varied continents to attend the event of new year London parade. It is one of the longest and largest parade with 3.2 Kilometers starts from Parliament Square in Westminster to Trafalgar Square and terminals.

The New Year parade in London is regarded as the greatest spectacle being played in the streets of whole Europe that is attended by almost 1 million spectators exciting for this unmissable event. As clock strikes 11:45 of morning the parade starts with its amazing colors and exceptional varied performances. The route of new year day parade London constitutes of Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus then from Lower Regent Street to Waterloo Place then pass through the street of Pall Mall to Cockspur Street then turned to Trafalgar Square and finally to Whitehall and Parliament Street. Thus, book your visit to new year day parade London to experience the biggest event of the world.