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New Year short breaks, are short holiday breaks in some countries of the world, around the occasion of New Year, or in the period that contains christmas and new year's Day. The new year short breaks have now become very prominent and popular as a way of celebrating the new year occasion differently in a new refreshing, reviving, and exotic place, away from all the usual clamor and monotonous new year celebrations in the same place. Time span of new year short breaks ranges from one week (seven nights) to at least three nights.

These new year short breaks are economical and elegant means of refreshing and rejuvenating oneself, of making a special and memorable new year celebrations, and of preparing oneself for tackling hectic and grueling working days of the year. Though short break holiday cottages are available in most of the secluded, placid, scenic, and verdant regions of all across the world, short break holiday cottages of U.K. are specially famous and popular worldwide.

New Year Short Break Cottages

Immensely scenic, placid, exotic, refreshing, and rejuvenating countryside of United Kingdom (U.K.), is exclusively rich in a variety of short break holiday cottages, in the rural, coastal, and seaside regions. These countryside holiday cottages are world-famous and perfect getaways for short breaks, weekend breaks, and Christmas and new year short breaks, and are open for service throughout the year long for myriads of national and International tourists and vacationers on short holiday breaks.

The Lake District Cumbria contains some of the most scenic and enthralling places of Europe, adorned by placid and pastoral countryside, small and big lakes of limpid waters, verdant forests, exotic waterfalls, and snow-capped mountain ranges. There are as many as 700 short break holiday cottages in different parts of Cumbria. Yorkshire is also famous for its over 400 short break cottages, receiving guests, tourists, and holiday vacationers throughout the year.

The most famous, popular, and cherished new year short break cottages in the United Kingdom (U.K), are the following :
  • Cumbrian cottages
  • Wales cottages
  • Yorkshire cottages
  • Derbyshire and Peak District cottages
  • Scottish cottages
  • England and Ireland cottages
  • Northumberland cottages