January 2013 Calendar

January is always a special month for one and all across the world as it brings along a fresh new year with new hopes, desires, thoughts, ideas and resolutions. Calendars are indeed important for the effective management and organisation of your daily routine. January 2013 calendar will allow you to effectively organise your month and plan events while scheduling meetings and appointments at the same time. The January calendar has all the state and national holidays highlighted in them.
January is special due to the fact that the first day of the year is new and begins with celebrations. New year, being generally observed on the first day of January in the major parts of the world makes January the most awaited month of the year. In the month of January, epiphany is also observed. In the January 2013 calendar, epiphany will be observed on Sunday, January 6.

It is a traditional celebration and an important Christian feast, manifesting the divine nature of Jesus Christ to the gentiles as represented by magi. Just a few days later comes the human trafficking awareness day which will be observed on January 11, Friday followed by inauguration day on January 20, mawlid Un Nabi on 24 and Austria day on 26 January.

Printable Calendar 2013 January

Printable calendars have been in great use for keeping track of days and events in each month of the year. Now, it's time when people are looking forward to printable calendar 2013 January as the year 2013 is not much farther from now. Everyone has started preparing for the welcome of a fresh beginning. Printable calendar not only has the required information on the holidays and events date but this way they also help you plan your month in a better organised way. Here, we present you with free printable calendars monthly as we believe that online calendars can drastically improve in organising your daily routines.
January 2013 Calendar
January 1 (Tuesday) Groundhog day
January 6 (Sunday) Super bowl
January 11 (Friday) Mardi Gras
January 20 (Sunday) Ash Wednesday
January 24 (Thursday) Valentine's day
January 26 (Saturday) Martin Luther King