May 2013 Calendar

The month of may is the fifth gorgeous month of the year which relives everyone from the chilled winter weather. May 2013 will be soon approaching for which may 2013 calendar will help you organise and plan your month in a better way.
The month of may was named after the Greek goddess maia who was identified with roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea whose festival was also observed in may. The month of may is a great time for celebration in the northern hemisphere. It's time when flowers emerge and crops begin to sprout.

Where in most parts of the world, people are excited to welcome summers and enjoy the ending of winter season, on other parts of the world people are excited to welcome the most eagerly awaited holidays like the national teachers day, memorial day, mother's day, corpus Christi, cinco De mayo and much more. Generally, easter Christianity celebrates easter on a Sunday between April 4 and may 8 but as far as 2013 is concerned, the festival of easter will be observed in the month of April.

Printable Calendar 2013 May

Printable calendar 2013 may is an important part of your essentials, you should look forward to. The countdown to new year 2013 has begun and people have started preparing for the day with great zeal and enthusiasm. When it comes to gift giving, most people get confused of what gift to buy this new year for their loved ones. This time, why don't you consider printable calendar 2013. They make up a great, useful and meaningful gift item. Printable calendars are available for all months. Printable calendar 2013 May will give you a clear cut view of the holidays, events, occasions and memorable days. The month of may brings along man y festivals and holidays among which memorial day, Victoria day, mother's day and national teachers day are the most awaited.

May 2013 Calendar
May 1 (Wednesday) May day
May 5 (Sunday) Cinco De Mayo
May 7 (Tuesday) National teachers day
May 9 (Thursday) Ascension
May 12 (Sunday) Mothers day
May 15 (Wednesday) Shavuot
May 18 (Saturday) Armed forces day
May 20 (Monday) Victoria day
May 26 (Sunday) Trinity Sunday
May 27 (Monday) Memorial day
May 30 (Thursday) Corpus Christi