Leo Horoscopes 2014

Persons born in between the time-spell ranging from July 23 to August 22, are placed under the fifth zodiac sign of Leo. As the very name signifies, Leos like to live life like a lion. Leos are very prominent for being firm in determination, highly ambitious, audacious, generous and loyal to their kith and kin, and domineering in nature. They just don't like to hear strict and harsh instructions, or bear dictations; but rather, they love to make their own rules, change those rules as per their random wishes, and do freely what they ever deem best.
Leos can truly be perfect and magnificent, if they somehow avert the demerits of being rudely self-assertive, very aggressive, egoist, and dominating. To help these brave persons in making their wise and constructive yearly planning for the desired progress and growth in the year 2014, we are providing true and highly profitable horoscope forecasts 2014. These free online leo 2014 horoscope predictions are connected with all most significant and vital spheres of personal, professional, and social life. By knowing the probable things well in advance, one can easily become safer, healthier, wealthier, and winner in the forth coming year. For such very purposes, ours globally famous service firm offers authentic and reliable horoscope predictions every year for all sun signs.

2014 Leo General, Work, Love, Health, Relationships, Business Horoscope

General: The year 2014 is going to prove a highly constructive, happy, and prosperous year to Leos, according to leo 2014 horoscopes. Robust and ample efforts will be made for acquiring progress and reputation in work, financial gains, and material possessions. Much can be achieved by dint of diligence, patience, and prudence.

Career/Job: According to close observations over the leo 2014 astrology, Leos are to invest ample efforts in education and in building progressive career. But, they are expected to encounter some problems and troubles in career and job, because of unfavorable Pluto and Uranus. They are therefore, advised by leo 2014 horoscopes to develop their natural talents for success.

Business/Work: The year 2014 is to bring ample progress and growth in the professional and commercial life of Leos, says leo 2014 astrology. In this respect, the months of March and July are especially more supportive and productive. There will be commendations from seniors and influential people, and regular monetary incomes from various sources available.
Love: In the domain of love, romance, and family relationship, year 2014 is quite satisfactory, as is said by leo 2014 horoscope predictions. The months of April and December are most supportive to closer and stronger family ties. For single Leos, though the entire year 2014 is favorable in this respect, the second half of the year will bring highly positive results.

Money: In addition to regular and substantial monetary income from professional or commercial work, there will also be financial gains from unexpected or unaccounted sources, in the year 2014. The leo 2014 horoscope forecasts also point out that the month of December is especially good for competition wins, profits from investments, and windfalls.

Health: Leos are to remain healthy and happy in most times of the year 2014, observe 2014 horoscopes for Leos. The months of July and November are most supportive for health and fitness, and courage for tackling obstacles. However, suggested are right and timely diets and necessary respite, whenever possible, for the best results.

Relationships: Through being more sociable and modest, Leos can acquire good and harmonious relationship with friends, relatives, and other persons of professional and social life, in the year 2014. Due patience and tolerance will also help Leos in building stronger bonds with near and dear ones. The month of March is greatly beneficial in this respect.