Scorpio Horoscopes 2014

For highly beneficial and constructive information about the scoprpio 2014 astrological horoscopes, to Scorpios of the world over, presented hereunder are accurate and reliable scorpio 2014 horoscope predictions, covering all most important and vital areas of the personal, professional, and social life. We hope these scorpio forecasts 2014 will help Scorpios substantially in arranging their all types of works and activities in the entire year 2014, most creatively and profitably. Scorpios are those persons who are born in between the time-period that ranges from October 23 to November 21. Scorpios too have certain unique and outstanding qualities, and of course some demerits, as is true with persons coming under all other signs of the astrology zodiac.
The most distinguishing and great qualities of Scorpios are their amiability, punctiliousness, trustworthiness, and being firm and loyal to love or determination. Owing to these creative qualities they succeed in achieving ample appreciation from friends, employers, and other people of society, and illustrious recognition in their respective careers. And, the most prominent bad qualities and demerits of people born under this eighth sign of the astrology zodiac are --- their stubborn and dominating nature, suspiciousness, proneness to malice, and being temperamental in adverse situations.

2014 Scorpio General, Work, Love, Health, Relationships, Business Horoscope

General: Overall, the year 2014 will be a smooth and happy year to Scorpios, with remarkable financial and professional achievements. There could occur unexpected but constructive events from time to time in the year, to punctuate your life, especially in March, June, and September. There is ample chance for monetary gains from windfalls, lottery, and legacies from friends and relatives.

Career/Job: It will be wise to proceed slowly and carefully towards enriching the career, or selecting a job. Imprudent haste could lead to waste of resources and energies. Selection of any career or job should be made after mature consideration with elders, seniors, and peers, for the best possible and the safest results.

Business/Work: Remarkable progress is predicted by scorpio 2014 horoscopes, to Scorpios in general, especially for those who are in the professions of a lawyer, IAS, and IT officer. There will be ripe chances for promotions, recognitions, and salary increments; business tours may take place in the first quarter of the year. The spring months are most suitable to show your talents and skills, with the best benefits.
Love: Altogether, year 2014 will test your patience, prudence, and generosity in married and familial life. Influences of Pluto will raise expectations and demands from both partners. Moderation, tolerance, and thriftiness will help lots. Happier periods in love and romance for both married and single Scorpios are March, May, June, and August.

Money: On money front, the year 2014 will be a rather productive year, with monetary inflows from all sides; far better than the previous years. As per scorpio forecasts 2014, there will be gains and profits from businesses, investments, windfalls, lotteries, and other known and unexpected means. Most favorable periods in this respect are April, few months of the second part of the year, and December.

Health: Health of Scorpios is expected to require proper care and dieting in the year 2014, predicts scorpio 2014 horoscope. Diseases identified in the previous years may rise again. Strict consumption of right and nutritious diets, taking proper respite, and refraining from junk foods, will keep them healthy and happy. Chances of back and neck pains are ample.

Relationships: Through restraining the above-mentioned demerits of Scorpios, sweet, smooth, and close relationship with friends, relatives, and people of personal and social life, can be obtained. Importance and utility of this are more in the first half of the year. Keep your bright and innovative ideas secret and concealed, until the right opportunities come.