Holidays in January

January, 1st month of the year, is a most expected month, people wait for eagerly to make new resolutions and fresh start. The month named on the Roman god Janus who considered as a god of doorways and opening as well as starting and endings. According to mythology, the god Janus is represented with two faces towards in opposite direction and also said that god Saturn gave the power to Janus to observe the past and future. January is a month boasts many of world famous holidays like New Year, Bird Day, Martin Luther king etc.

New Year's Day, first day of month, is a grand festival, celebrated around the world in same spirit and gusto, called also the festival of new hopes and fresh starting. People celebrate the New Year's Day to welcome the fresh year along with make a new pledge. As coldest month of the year, holidays in january gives ample of opportunities to people to make merry with family and friends. People have also chances to spend much time with loved ones.

Known as month of New Year celebration, many other national and international festivals also fall usually in this month. Everyone have dreams to take a long break from yearlong tiredness or fatigue during January. So, January can be best time for people to enjoy holiday's vacation with several of New Year's activities give a chance to recreation. In most countries especially in USA, January month is a federal month includes ranges of national events, in which, some events are more bizarre.

January is really a pleasing and cool month and if, there are any vacations, it adds more fervor in our lives. Ranges of holidays in January month, you can enjoy with lots of passion. If you want to know completely about all the holidays, you are at exact place where you can discover as you need. Here you can find complete ideas about holidays and you can be able to plan properly for particular holidays. Find complete information about holidays in January with our list given below that is given in prescribed manner, help you to find the holidays with exact dates.

Holidays and Events in January

  • New Year
  • Bird Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • 100th Day of School
  • Inauguration Day
  • Clown Month
  • Coffee Gourmet Month
  • Eye Healthcare Month
  • Letter Writing Month
  • School Board Month
  • Stamp Collectors Month
  • Diet Resolution Week
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Japanese New Year
  • Braille Day
  • Handwriting Day
  • Robert E. Lee Day
  • Puzzle Day