When is Bird Day

Bird day is a day to celebrate for the birds. It is a national holiday, observed annually to advance the bird conservation as a moral support. It is celebrated every year on May 4. Charles Babcock, a school superintendent, was established this holiday in 1894. On this day, the holiday was firstly celebrated and since then, the day has been observing every year to give support and protect the bird.

In most countries like USA and Canada, the national bird day is also celebrated as national holidays. There are several of activities held during the days amongst millions of supporter such as bird watching, bird adoption, studying birds and bird drinking games etc. Such are most significant bird activities that are crazily enjoyed by people. One activity as adoption of bird is too popular and many of bird lovers adopt the favorite birds on this day to take care in future. The national bird day is celebrated on January 5 each year.

International bird day is celebrated around the world, dedicated to celebration of migratory Bird. It has celebrated annually on second Saturday of May especially in US and Canada. In the most other countries, it is has celebrated on different months. Here we provide year wise list regarding the dates of bird day. In our section, you will find the dates year by year. You will be able to recognize when is bird day? Here you can also know the dates of national bird day and international bird day year wise.

YearBird DayNational Bird DayInternational Bird Day
2023Wednesday, May 4Wednesday, January 5Wednesday, May 4