When is Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day is a public holiday of USA, celebrated every year on third Monday of January. It is especially a day marks birth day of King and observed usually around the birth day of Martin Luther King. The day is celebrated to honoring the King for their role in the civil rights movements of America from 1950 to 1968.

He was the head representative for peaceful activism in the civil rights movement that was successfully disputed ethnic intolerance in national and state law. The idea of holiday was proposed by labor union and movement started to honor King just after his shooting in the year 1968. The fist holiday was celebrated on January 20, 1986 after declaration by Ronal Reagan as a holiday in 1983.

Previously, limited states has celebrated Martin Luther King Day as merging it with other holidays or giving it an another name but it was observed completely in all fifty states of USA in 2000. Several of activities held during the day such as parades and March throughout the city around the US. The March activities are usually placed on the auburn street from Peachtree to Jackson Street and the rally also observed on same venue in the King National Park Area.

Would you like to find the precise dates of Martin Luther King Day? Here we provide complete information on when is Martin Luther King Day that is listed especially from 2024 to 2024. With the help of our section, you can find the exact dates, the third Monday falls.

YearMartin Luther King Day / Date
202317th of January, Monday