Friendship Day

To show your love with affection to your friend, friendship day is a right time. As friend is need of every individual, he can share his inner emotion feeling and other personal talk with friends. Looking on importance of friend in human life, people celebrate on the first Sunday of month of august as a day for paying thanks to friendship.

The day was originated in the year 1935 in United States of America. The company head of hallmark greetings cards thought that a day should be celebrated on the name of friendship. Like mother and father, friends have also some important value in every human life. Therefore he started thanking his friends by sending him friendship cards.

Later in year 1935, US congress proclaimed the second Sunday of August as a day for friends in US. With cultural exchange with various countries made it popular activity in other countries. Now this day has been regard as world friendship day throughout the world. On very same day people exchanged friendship day gifts with one another.

Some greet his or her friend with various greetings cards available in market. The most common way to celebrate the day of friendship is by tying friendship band on the wrist of one another. The common way to wish best wishes for the day is by mobile communication or online communication. With mobile communication, one can connect to any person located at any niche of world. One can send friendship day sms from his or her mobile. The importance of friendship has been explained in various religious scripture. Bible, Mahabharata picks out several important aspects related to friendship.