Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is the most important traditional holiday and the longest festival in china and other countries, who follow the Chinese Lunisolar calendar. chinese new year is very enthusiastically and joyfully celebrated as the Spring Festival for as much as 15 days, in all across china and many other countries of east and south-east Asia. Marking the end of winter season, the spring festival begins with the very first day of the chinese new year, and ends with the Lantern Festival.

The chinese new year occurs on different dates every year, and each Chinese New Year is named after one of the twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac. According to the Gregorian calendar, the lunar chinese new year usually occurs in between the dates January 21 and February 20, every year. In the year 2023 chinese new year will occur on 19th February, and will be the year of the sheep.

Chinese new year celebrations are made with great enthusiasm, festivity, optimism, and joy, in a large number of other countries and territories, apart from China, which contain a substantial Chinese population in their any or more regions. Chinese New Year celebrations are most prominent in Mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Tibet, Macau, Chinatowns, etc. Chinese people residing in United States of America, Canada, Australia, and other countries all across the world, essentially celebrates their Chinese New Year on its own date.

Chinese New Year 2023 Celebrations

The first day of the chinese new year celebrations is traditionally and commonly occupied by visits to get blessings of senior and veteran members of the Chinese families. The yearly sumptuous and generous supper or reunion dinner enjoyed collectively with all near and dear families on the New Year's Eve, is another very significant event for Chinese New Year celebrations. This feast essentially includes traditional food items of fish and chicken, besides some sweet delicacies. We are always with you with all the requisites to make the Chinese New Year 2023 celebrations magnificent and memorable.

Chinese New Year is the biggest happy festival of the year for all people following the Chinese calendar, and therefore, it is celebrated with elaborate preparations and decorations, and with great festive and euphoric fervors, ways of celebration being more or less the same. Prior and thorough cleaning of houses to sweep away all evils and misfortunes, and welcome the auspicious New Year; door and window decorations in red and other positive and lucky colors, clothes, lights, etc.; New Year Eve supper with families; wishing good luck, happiness, longevity, and peace to kith and kin in the new year; eating certain food items for better luck, health, wealth, and prosperity on the occasion; new clothing; new year gifts; and celebrating the happy occasion using firework devices and firecrackers; are the most common traditional ways of celebrating Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Cards

Chinese new year cards are the most popular and in demand items during the new years. Commonly, the Chinese new year cards symbolize Chinese characters, symbols and food and the most popular among the Chinese symbols is the dragon. Reach out to your loved one with special Chinese new year cards on this new year. If you stay far from your family somewhere outside your country, then one of the most convenient ways to express your feelings of love and care for your family and friends is online Chinese new year cards. Sending online cards have now become easier with the help of various sites that offer beautiful and attractive collection of Chinese new year cards.