Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese lunar new year is one the most important of the all the holiday traditions in China. The chinese new year is celebrated with zeal and pomp as the symbol of spring's celebration, which falls on February 19th in this year 2023. Indeed, in China, chinese new year is still called the spring festival. It is celebrated after the fall surrender and before the spring planting season. The date of the Chinese New Year is always changing and is dependent on the Chinese calendar.

Chinese lunar new year is the most important and most awaited holidays throughout the year. It is one traditional Chinese holiday and the Chinese communities celebrate this day with great pomp and splendor. It is a time of grand celebration and great festivity all over the world but especially in countries like, Hong Kong, china, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. The chinese lunar new year is known as a spring festival.

Although, china has a dozens of festivals and occasions to celebrate but the chinese lunar new year is a grand celebration not only in china but other parts of the world too. The celebration lasts for 15 long days with traditional activities, events, games and rituals that fills the environment with energy and enthusiasm. Every festival and occasion is about a countries customs and traditions.

Tracing back the years, when chinese lunar year was first celebrated, the traditions and customs played an important role but as time passed by, the modern culture took over the old traditions and the new year is now celebrated in various forms. Some celebrate it at their homes enjoying a private party with family and friends whereas other plan out an entertaining and exciting evening with friends and office associates to ring in the new year in style and fun.

The chinese new year 2023 brings to light several of the ancient and mysterious practices of the Chinese culture. Not only, Chinese new year celebrations are a way of keeping these initial traditions alive rather they serve as great tourist attractions for foreigners who are highly intrigued by the unique culture of the country. The Chinese New Year cards are available in charming animated images and styles. These cards are as beautiful as they are easy on the pocket. chinese lunar new year signifies the way people behaved and about their beliefs. There are Twelve Chinese animals been stated in Chinese calendar and each of them signifies a particular trait.