Labor Day

The labor day is observed every year on first day of month may. The day is an official holiday for labors all over the world. On the occasion of the day of labor, workers demonstrates, held rallies. organized processions and delivered speeches in various discussion program. The day is observed as a public holiday in India, United State of America, Russia, China and other socialist nations.

The day observed on May 1 in all over the world is a day for processions or parade. In the present days, the commemoration of same days has gained a new look, where the workers and trade organization claim for safety and give the financial growth a humane countenance. The May 1 is also been named as international worker day by united nation.

The day holds an international importance for every worker either working in India or United state of America. On the workers day every labors observed leave from their continuous schedule. In socialist countries like Soviet Union and other communist countries, nations organized parade of armored tanks, rockets, and military personnel saluting the nations' leaders, was a much-publicized feature.

In the year 1984, a demand of eight hour workday was called by Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions. Later they organized a general strike on 1986. The event took place on the first day of month May. From there, on the May 1, workers started celebrating the day of their own representative community later named as may day in United State of America. The day honors the social and economic triumph of the labor movement in all niches of the world.