Mother's Day

On every second Sunday of month of May, every year people observed mother's day. The mother day is an annual holiday in most of nation. On this day, every people thanks mother for their positive contribution that they make in every individual life as well as for society. Mother is remembered for her characters of maternal affection to her kids with other positive contribution.

The mothers day celebration on the second Sunday of month May was a traditional celebration of America. But mother has been a portrait of motherhood and a figure of worship in ancient civilization of Greek and Roman. One could find the importance mother in human life by going through various ancient scripture of ancient Indian civilization.

In United Kingdom, a Mothering Sunday was celebrated much before the festival saw the light of the day in United State of America. Moreover, present form of mother day is the modern phenomenon of hundred year's old tradition. In present days, the mother day date is celebrated by millions of people across the globe. The people honor their mother and thank them for their love and affection shown throughout the life.

As mother is one of the constant supporter and well-wisher in every human life so across 46 countries (on different date) of the world celebrate mother day. The official declaration of second Sunday of May was passed on May 8, 1914 in the president's period of President Woodrow Wilson in United Sate of America. At present in the era of mobile communication and online communication, people thank their mother by sending mother's day sms on her mobile. The mother plays an important part in every person.