New Years Bowl Games 2013

Bowl game is one of the favorite games and mostly played out in North America during the session of new year. It is a type of college football games that is being played out among the division and sub division of football bowl. This game is usually held on the new year day or new year eve day among the colleges football teams.
This is the major source of fun and exciting while the New Year celebration where people in North America who love bowl games are thronging to the respective destination while supporting to their favorite team. There would be huge crowd support bowl game during the occasion of new year eve. It is basically North America originated which has now been played out in all across the Europe and in other part of the globe.

Northwestern Wildcats, Texas A& M Aggies, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Utah Utes, Cincinnati Bearcats, Vanderbilt Commodores, Illinois Fighting Illini, UCLA Bruins, Virginia Cavaliers, Auburn Tigers are some of the major and most famous and reputed colleges football teams that generally participate in the new year bowl game tournament. In last year 2012, Alabama had won the title of new year's bowl game while defeating the LSU, where Alabama in its official statements said that this victor is pure and honest to us that finally depict who is NO. 1. Now matter, who wins or who loss, but the main thing is sports spirit that clearly defines during the session of new year's bowl game 2013.

Teams from various clubs and destinations with complete zeal and courage would play with great efforts that appear not lesser than any type of adventurous or risky tasks. Despite of strict rules and regulations, the bowl game seems to have more hazardous and unsafe where the players running while wearing helmet and taking ball to the opposite court, where the against team would make hurdle in a precarious way.

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