Chinese New Year 2013

There are few festivals around the world enjoy the same fantastic range of the Chinese New Year is looking forward. This is an event celebrated around the globe among the Chinese people with great fun and excitement. The Chinese new year festivities not only prove to be exotic but also involved lots of fun and thrilling experience while celebrating Chinese new year 2013. Many people have remained unknown with hidden secrets of Chinese new year celebration that constitutes of specific meaning and purposes that further carry cooking, family meal, dragon dances and lots more fun activities.
Whether you are from Chinese community or from any other custom, the simple mean of celebration is to bring happiness and prosperous in life while celebrating the event with different caste and creed. Well, cooking sacred dishes and cuisines are the most aspect of Chinese new year celebration. When it comes to cooking then there is a huge list of dishes out of which Chinese new year cake is on the top that you will find in every house of Chinese people. These cuisines take the people with different meaning and a sense of pure and unique celebration.

Among varied cuisines, dumplings are to be treated with wealth and prosperity to those who eat them on the special occasion of Chinese new year 2013. Besides these dumplings, there are many types of sacred foods that Chinese community prefer to have while celebrating their new year session including egg rolls, bamboo shoots, oranges and black moss seaweed that are the symbolic to God in order to achieve happiness, wealth and prosperous life for next 365 days.

Lunar New Year 2013 Celebration

Whenever Chinese holidays are concerned, lunar new year 2013 celebration comes on the top. Lunar New Year is directly related to Chinese community which is also called by spring festival. As the first season on Chinese calendar is spring which is started with lunar that is solar term depicted to Lunar new year for Chinese community. The complete celebration of lunar new year 2013 states for 15 days that is started from the first day of first month and carry till last of 15th day. On Lunar new year eve families are used to get together to have meal and dinner while cooking favorite and religious meal.

Lunar New year 2013 celebration constitutes of various activities involved fireworks, burn bamboo sticks, families visit to relatives home, singing religious sayings, poems and hymns while making their commitments and worship to their sacred God, cooking favorite and religious dishes and cuisines, store owner and business entrepreneurs offer lunch / dinner to their employees while paying thanks and many more activities have been carried up during the lunar new year 2013 celebration.