Bank Holidays in France

On most of the public holidays in France, governmental offices, business organizations, commercial stores, banks, schools and colleges, museums, supermarkets, some means of public transportations, and even some restaurants, are found to be closed.

Bank holidays are welcome and long-awaited days of respite and freedom from hectic daily life for all people in general, including businessmen, and are therefore, enjoyed very refreshingly and happily, and in doing things of great interest, or in meeting with near and dear people and relatives. The bank holidays in France include New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Labor Day, Victory Day, Bastille Day, Armistice Day, All Saints Day or Toussaint, and Christmas Day. Armistice Day is the most revered patriotic holiday of France, and commemorates the end of World War First.

The Bastille Day is regarded as the most important national day of France, and celebrates the overthrow of tyrannical monarchy to set up well-organized Republic of France. Except the festivals and holidays related with Easter, all public holidays and bank holidays in the country of France, are fixed. These festivals and holidays are not extended or attached to the weekend. However, some public holidays in France occurring on Sundays, are moved on to the following Monday, barring the Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday.

2022 Bank Holidays List France

The bank holidays in france in the year 2022 are listed below, with the intentions to help our site visitors plan their tours and holiday breaks, and other commercial and business activities in France, well-informed, accurate, and most successful. Travelling to or in France on public holidays/bank holidays is not suitable, preferable, or recommended for foreigners. We are therefore, hereunder, giving the listing of all public holidays and bank holidays of France, for exclusive help to all people concerned. In addition to the public and bank holidays in France, the months of May, July, and August, contain many public and regional holidays, and periods of summer vacation. Most of governmental and commercial organizations, banks, means of transportations, schools, colleges, museums, etc. are closed during these periods.

2022 Bank Holidays in France

New Year's Day1 January
Valentines Day14 February
Good Friday10th April
Easter12th April
Easter Monday13th April
Labor Day1 May
Victory in Europe8 May
Ascension21th May
Whit Sunday31th May
Whit Monday1st June
Mother's Day7th June
Father's Day21 June
Bastille Day14 July
Assumption of Mary15 August
All Saints1 November
Armistice Day11 November
Christmas25 December