Bank Holidays in Ireland

A bank holiday is treated like a public holiday by majority of people of the United Kingdom and The Republic of Ireland. People generally tend to make time off on the bank holidays, or some may even demand an extra payment for working on the bank holidays. In the Republic of Ireland, the term 'bank holiday' is commonly used colloquially for the official public holiday. The starting of bank holidays in Ireland was made following the United Kingdom Bank Holidays Act 1871.

Bank holidays in Ireland can prove to be one of the most memorable ones because Ireland offers a huge collection of amazing scenery, dramatic cliffs, coastlines and majestic mountains along with the brooding weather. To experience the breathtaking scenes of the Himalayas and enjoy the adventurous scenario, make sure to visit Ireland as it has many things to offer its visitors.

Bank holidays in Ireland are highly desirable, popular, and cherished days of rest, festivities, excursions, or holiday breaks to nearby exotic destinations. The most recent bank holiday added to the bank holidays calendar of Ireland is the May Day bank holiday, since the year 1994. The May Day is observed on the first Monday of May, and must not be confused with the Labour Day. In the Northern Ireland St. Patrick's Day and Orangemen's Day (which commemorates the battle of the Boyne happened in the year 1690), are also included in the list of bank holidays.

Again, it may be noted that most of the official bank holidays of Ireland occur on Mondays, barring the religious and traditional public holidays. Also, when a bank holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is usually substituted by the following Monday. The Christmas Day which is a recognized bank holiday in the Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland, falls on Sunday 25th December in the year 2022.

2022 Bank Holiday List in Ireland

2022 bank holiday list in Ireland includes 9 public holidays each year. They may either commemorate a special day or other event such as st. Patrick 's Day or Christmas day. 2022 bank holiday list in Ireland is known as public holiday list and during these holidays, most businesses and schools remain closed. However, transport services and public transports still operate usually with restricted schedules. Get your 2022 bank holiday calendar and prepare your schedule at the earliest.

The 2022 bank holiday listing of Ireland is being offered by us, to support easy, prompt, and secure planning of our site visitors of all across the world in Ireland. There has been announced a special bank holiday in the year 2022 to commemorate and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen on Throne.

2022 Bank Holidays in Ireland

New Year's Day1 January
St Patrick's Day17 March
Good Friday10th April
Easter12th April
Easter Monday13th April
May Day1 May
June Bank Holiday1 June
August Bank Holiday3 August
October Bank Holiday26th October
Christmas25 December
St. Stephan's Day26th December