Bank Holidays in Scotland

Bank holidays in Scotland are appointed and set under the provisions of the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 of UK, Scotland Act 1998, and the St. Andrew's Day Bank Holiday (Scotland) Act 2007. The declaration of special bank holidays is made by the Royal proclamation under this Act of 1971, and applies to any additional bank holiday, or a substitute bank holiday for the bank holiday falling on any Saturday or Sunday.

Bank holidays in Scotland are slightly different in their significance on regional & social occasions and public holidays, as compared to the bank holidays in UK. Bank holidays in Scotland are different from the public holidays and local holidays in the sense that, bank holidays are statutory and the same in all across Scotland. The public holidays and local holidays are in conformity with the local cultures and traditions followed in the respective regions, and are declared by the regional or local authorities, and usually after necessary consultation with local business concerns. Glasgow fair and Dundee fortnight, are instances of such local public holidays in Scotland.

Bank holidays in Scotland are New Year's Day, Good Friday, early May bank holiday, spring bank holiday, summer bank holiday, St. Andrew's Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. Year 2022 offers an extra Jubilee bank holiday to the bank employees of Scotland. Since 1996 from Easter onwards, banks of Scotland decided to harmonize their working days and bank holidays in tune with the working of banks in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, for better business purposes. Hence, most of the Scottish banks are now remain closed on the Easter Monday, and on the last Monday of August, and again, are open for business on the second January, every year.

2022 Bank Holiday List Scotland

2022 bank holiday list Scotland will help you plan your holidays well in advance, so get your 2022 bank holiday calendar today and plan your holidays for festivals, travel, and shopping. Choosing holidays in Scotland, means you are going to experience the fun and pleasure no where else. The Irish traditions and customs make the country stand out in terms of everything. Whatever, the occasion be, Irish people gather to celebrate the festivals and events together with great zeal and pleasure. Year 2022 is going to give a long and lavish bank holiday weekend comprising of four clear days, to the bank employees of Scotland. The late May bank holiday (spring bank holiday) has been moved to May 30, 2022.

2022 Bank Holidays in Scotland

New Year's Day1 January
2nd January2 January
Valentine14 February
Mother's Day22 March
Good Friday10th April
Easter12th April
Easter Monday13th April
Spring Bank Holiday25th May
Father's Day21th June
Summer Bank Holiday3rd August
Christmas25th December
Boxing Day26th December