Summer Bank Holidays

Summer Bank Holidays are the days on which banks of UK are closed, and do not do their usual work. The summer bank holidays are also public holidays in United Kingdom (UK) and in the republic of Ireland, and mark the end of the summer holiday period.

These summer bank holidays are few most welcome days of respite for the students, workers, bank employees, and professionals of other institutions and organizations in the entire hectic year. The summer bank holidays were introduced in the year 1871 in UK, by the Bank Holidays Act of 1871. Bank holidays affect the working and activities of other organizations, institutions, and businesses, as their all types of transactions through and by banks are held-up on these days. These are the reasons for only a few bank holidays being approved by the government of most of the countries. The number of bank holidays is only eight in UK, which is lower than that provided by other countries of Europe.

Most of the daily commercial activities and working of governmental departments and institutions, are generally, stopped and disrupted, indirectly by the summer bank holidays. But, bank employees too need some respite and liberty to refresh and invigorate themselves through doing things of their choice in some time of the year. In addition to these summer bank holidays, there are spring bank holidays and many other bank holidays in UK, given to the bank employees of the country. However, these bank holidays in UK are on different days of the year in its different regions, and are governed as per the regional authorities and customs.

Summer Bank Holiday 2022

The summer bank holidays are different in different regions of UK. In the Scotland region, the summer bank holidays in the year 2022 will be on August 3. While the summer bank holidays in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, will be on August 31.