Spring Bank Holidays

The Spring Bank Holidays are also known as the Late May Bank Holidays in United Kingdom. The spring bank holidays in UK are great period of respite from the usual busy and hectic days of the year, for all bank employees. The spring bank holidays in the year 2022, will be special ones with an extra holiday (on June 5), offered to the bank employees of UK to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen's reign on the throne of United Kingdom.

In the beginning, the spring bank holiday in United Kingdom was used to be observed on the Monday just after Whitsun. Whitsun is the name given to the occasion of Pentecost in the British language. Pentecost comes after 49 days after the one of the most religious Christian festival Easter. This spring bank holiday was then moved to the last Monday in the month of May, by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act of 1971. In the year 2022, this spring bank holiday will be observed on Monday May 25.

The spring bank holidays, summer bank holidays, and some other holidays in the year, are few welcome respite given to the bank employees of all across the United Kingdom and republic of Ireland. These bank holidays are generally public holidays also. But, these summer and spring bank holidays are observed on different days in the regions of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, according to the regional and local authorities and customs. It may be noted that most of the commercial and financial activities and transactions are held-up during the bank holidays.

Spring Bank Holiday 2022

In England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, the spring bank holidays 2022, will be observed on 25th May, 2022. One extra spring bank holiday is given to mark and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen's (Queen Elizabeth II) accession to the throne. This special four-day weekend will be a great time for respite from work or school, and also for Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, in all across the United Kingdom.