Bank Holidays in USA

Bank holidays in USA are mainly a day free from work for all the employees. Well, normally holidays might differ from one state top another but the bank holidays are almost the same everywhere. People plan their vacations with great excitement and try their level best to make the weekend one of the most beautiful and memorable one whereas some plan to stay back at their homes and enjoy their weekend only with their family and friends organizing a private evening party or dinner program so that they can spend enough time with their loved ones.

The annual federal holidays are recognized as the bank holidays in US, These federal or bank holidays are observed by the Federal Government of USA and State and local governments, with few or slight variations as per the local customs and traditions. Apart from the federal government of US, the states or local governments, are also empowered to declare or set their own official public holidays (called US state holidays) as per their local jurisdiction. Again, most of the federal holidays in USA fall on Mondays, except historic, religious, etc., Days and holidays.

The annual federal holidays are observed and celebrated by most of the constituent states of USA, besides the US federal government. Governmental organizations, institutions, banks, major commercial establishments, big business malls and shopping centers, private business companies, and various commercial activities and financial transactions, are closed and remain inoperative, in all across the US, on these federal and bank holidays. Most of the private businesses and commercial activities are close or halted on major federal and bank holidays of New Year's Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the Christmas Day (known as the big seven federal holidays).

Other bank holidays in USA include Martin L. King's Birthday, Presidents' Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran's Day. Since January 21, 2013, there was an extra annual federal and bank holiday celebrated in all across USA. Named as the 'Inauguration Day', it was observed (on January 20) once in every four years after the US Presidential election.

2022 Bank Holiday List in USA

2022 bank holiday list in USA plays an important part for everyone working in USA. We normally wait for a leave so that we can spend rejuvenating time at our home and spend quality time with our family members and kids but bank holidays are a good time to plan out a vacation with our loved one.

Accurate and detailed information about all most important federal and bank holidays of USA, is pre-requisite for planning your activities of interest and importance, anywhere in all across USA. For this exclusive help we are, hereunder, giving the list of 2014 bank holidays in USA. USA contains a variety of historic places and world-famous destinations, and therefore, it has been drawing millions of tourists, holiday vacationers, students, professionals, businessmen, and so on.

2022 Bank Holidays in USA

New Year's Day1 January
Martin Luther King Day20th January
Presidents Day17th February
Memorial Day25th May
Independence Day4 July
Labor Day7 September
Columbus Day12 October
Veterans Day11 November
Thanksgiving Day26 November
Christmas25th December
New Year's Eve31 December