Bank Holidays in Netherlands

The bank holidays in Netherlands, are national and official days of public holidays. The Dutch word for such holidays is Feestdag. As the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a variety of religious and traditional customs and festivals, the bank holidays in Netherlands also include many religious festivals, in addition to the national and official holidays of Netherlands.

The Netherlands, formally known as the 'Kingdom of the Netherlands', has jurisdiction over about twelve provinces located in the north-west Europe and in Caribbean. Also referred to as Holland, the Netherlands has its capital in Amsterdam, and the seat of its democratic government is in The Hague. Sheltering world-famous judicial agencies like Europol and Eurojust, The Hague is often called as the 'world's legal capital'. Netherlands commands a well-developed capitalist market-based economy, and is one of the happiest countries of the world, according to a survey conducted in May 2012, by The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In addition to the official national holidays like New Year's Day, Queen's Day, Ascension Day, and also the Liberation Day, the bank holidays in Netherlands also include religious festivals of Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas Day. It is worth stating that bank holidays in Netherlands during Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas, are extremely famous and popular among the bank employees and officials of Netherlands and also among other people, for religious, festive celebrations, and also for excursion and holiday breaks to near and far places of scenic beauty and exclusive personal interest.

2023 Netherlands Bank Holidays List

On bank holidays in Netherlands, all government offices, museums, schools and colleges, major private businesses, and most of the big and small private shops are closed for the entire holiday, besides all the banks of Netherlands. Public transport does function but with limited schedules and frequency. It may be noted that essential and emergency services (such as fire, police, ambulance, hospitals, etc.) remain open and active on these bank holidays. To serve our global visitors in planning their business and holiday vacation tours in the provinces of Netherlands, we offer hereunder, the list of 2023 bank holidays in Netherlands.

2023 Bank Holidays in Netherlands

New Year's Day1 January
Valentine14 February
Good Friday10th April
Easter12th April
Easter Monday13th April
Remembrance of the Dead4th May
Liberation Dead5th May
Ascension21th May
Whit Sunday31th May
Whit Monday1st June
Saint Nicholas6 Dec
Christmas25th December