Christmas Day 2013

Christmas, or Christmas Day 2013 is celebrated every year on 25th December and the festivities last for ten day upto the 1st January which is the New Year Day. Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated Christian festivals all around the world. It is annual holiday celebrated on the 25th of December to honor the birth of Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ as he is more popularly known.
It marks the beginning of the Christmas Season, also known as Christmastide which lasts till 12 days from the day of Christmas, i.e. from 25th of December till 5th of January.

Christmas Party 2013

Christmas parties 2013 are celebrated throughout the Christian population as well as among a wide population of Non-Christians as a cultural festival. Christmas season is a season of love for everyone, generosity, kindness, happiness and laughter. It is a season when everyone comes together in celebration for the almighty. One of the things that make Christmas special is the spirit of exchanging gifts. People give gifts to their near and dear ones along with best wishes on world's most popular festival. On Christmas, one can present a very personal gift to make a special memory for someone. Gifts can do the magic as they bring a nice smile and love for you on the receiver's face.