New Year Day

New Year day is one of the special days in the world for everyone and leaving behind all about heading towards a fresh start of another year, leaving the present year behind. Every year on the New Year day, People celebrate the coming time with great fun and enjoyment.

Mouth-watering dishes, music, dance, parties, games - all this and much more is there on this very day. People send New Year wishes, exchange gifts and visit the houses of near ones on New Year day. This is a special day in the lives of people belonging to all the places. People celebrate the onset of New Year on the eve of 31st of December.

New Year Day Celebration

New Year's Day marks the end of one year and beginning of the other. New Year is celebrated by all countries that measure yearly calendars. Most countries across the globe follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate their New Year's Day on January 1. In several countries January 1 is a holiday. Grand bashes, parades and balls are organized to welcome the New Year and bid farewell to the old.

People enjoy 31st December eve of the previous year by usually attending New Year eve parties or having family get together. New Year approaches to soon after the Christmas celebration and people get involved in New Year Celebrations deciding about how to celebrate New Year in the best way. People decorate their houses on New Year to enhance the beauty of their places and create an ambience that New Year is arriving.