Christmas Day 2014

India is one of the most popular destination having a population of over one billion that include Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains etc. Despite the spiritual differences the people of India celebrate all the festivals with equal enthusiasm. Like world over in India too, Christmas is celebrated with great gaiety and pomp.
One of the most popular festivals of India Christmas falls every year on 25th December and it also marks happy end of the year. Christmas day 2014 is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Every year on December 25 Christmas is celebrated, but the birthrate for Jesus is traditional and not considered the actual date of birth. In fact, even today the world is accurately unknown when or why 25th December was associated with birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Party 2014

Christmas is the most popular and important festival of Indian Christians. They also light small oil-burning lamps as Christmas decorations and you can see their churches with red flowers. As a part of their celebration they offer Christmas gifts to their family members and token of money to poor people as charity. Christmas is celebrated all over the world by Christians and popularly known for its religious as well as economic significance.

In India the celebration of Christians differs in different regions of the country. Christmas Celebration of the festival differs from North to South and East to Western parts of the country. In the plain areas of the country the Christians decorate banana or mango trees, some also decorate their houses with mango leaves. Christians in some places of India employ small clay oil-burning lamps for decorations and place the lamps on the edges of flat roofs and on the top of walls.