Happy New Year Languages

The coming of new year, is the beginning of new optimistic endeavors, for better pastures and future. Therefore, wishing good luck and commensurate success is certainly is thought and deed of nobility and benevolence to others, which is essential for peaceful co-existence, harmonious relationship, and successful and meaningful life.

On the auspicious occasion of new year, almost all well-developed and acclaimed cultures of all round the world, advise to wish good luck, happiness, and prosperity to other people of the same or different cultures. We wish you a very Prosperous Happy New Yearin your sweet language!

New Year wishes and new year greetings are essential and generous part of our new year celebrations. People of all across the world express their affectionate, happy, and warm wishes on the occasion of new year, in their respective regional and dialectal languages. Again, since there are a great number of calendars in use in countries of all over the world other than the Gregorian calendar, there are numerous other new year occasions, marking the beginning of each calendar year.

However, the New Year's Day on the 1st January, marking the beginning of the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated all across the world, by the majority of people, as per their cultures wishing happy new year to others in their regional respective languages. They also additionally celebrate the beginning of their respective regional and traditional calendar year, in their own new year languages and ways.

  • "Happy New Year" -- in English language, is expressed as follows in other well-developed and famous languages of all across the world.
  • Chinese language ----- "Gung-Hay-Fat-Choy"
  • French language ------ "Bonne Annee"
  • Hindi language -------- "Nav Varsh Ki Haardik Shubh Kaamnaayen"
  • Japanese language ----- "Shinnen Omedeto"
  • Spanish language ----- "Feliz Ano Nuevo"
  • German language ----- "Bonne Annee"
  • Kannada language ------ "Hosa Varushadha Shubhashayagalu"
  • Korea language -------- "Saehae Bock Mani ba deu sei yo!"
  • Nepal language ----- "Nawa Barsha ko Shuvakamana"
  • Siraiki language ----- "Nawan Saal Shala Mubarak Theevay"
  • Dutche language ----- "GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR!"
  • Ethiopian language----- "MELKAM ADDIS AMET YIHUNELIWO!!"
  • Italian language ----- "Felice anno nuovo"
  • Macedoniann language ----- "Srekjna Nova Godina!"