New Year in Different Culture

New year in different culture may differ. Every city or family has a different way of celebrating an occasion. Similarly, when it comes to new year, it is among one occasions celebrated in every part of the world with great joy and excitement. The beginning of the year brings hope, fresh thoughts and new year resolutions to complete their goals in life.

If you are planning to celebrate this new year somewhere outside your city, then do not forget to consider a few well known places including new York, Dubai, Thailand, Tokyo, Sydney, brazil and London. These places welcome you and greet you with a bright and fun celebration.

The breathtaking view of new year fireworks are a must see in every city. Ranging from the new year cruises, new year activities, live shows, new year games to the special DJ nights that every city organizes ads an extra bit of entertainment to the entire celebration. India is rich and well known for its cultural activities and traditions. So, for the residence of India, there is nothing better than welcoming the new year in your homeland. On the other hand, if this is first new year with your partner, then you should plan your trip to Paris as it is an exciting and romantic city of the world.

This world is a big place and people of different religions are living together. They celebrate festivals of each other and respect traditions of all religions. New Year is a time when all the people around the world get into the mood of celebration and welcome the new year with lots of hope and smiles. This is a time when they all join together and bid farewell to the old year. There is different way of celebrating New Year in different culture. New Year celebrations in different culture symbolize the assorted culture of world. New Year in different cultures is celebrated according to their traditional rites and rituals.

Generally it is celebrated on 1st January of every year. People cook their traditional dishes, buy clothes, decorate there house, go for shopping, enjoy party and New Year games. New Year celebrations in different culture are also supported by gifting tradition. According to this tradition people give gift to their loved ones sealed with blessings and prayers.

New Year celebrations in various cultures are somehow very similar like they shout and welcome New Year as the clock strike 12, they wish each other "Happy and Prosperous New Year" and also give gift to each other.

Some people plan New Year holidays because they want to experience the beauty of different cultures and traditions. New Year celebrations in China, Italy, Japan, America, and even in other parts of world is entirely different. Even in India New Year celebrations in different culture is entirely different.