New Year Lyrics

New Year's Day lyrics are happy, optimistic, and festive lyrics for welcoming the coming of new auspicious year, and well-wishing to all one's near and dear ones. Wishes for better luck to dear ones and happier relationship in the new year, are prominent part of new year's day lyrics. New year's day lyrics can also be presented to friends, relatives, lover, officials, and other persons of close contacts, around the unique occasion of happy new year, inspiring better enthusiastic beginning and new bright optimism in others.

New year's day lyrics are, in some forms, used and popular in all around the world, and are an important element of new year celebrations, for the above-mentioned purposes. Lyrics, in general, are lapidary, elegant, readily impressive, and rhythmic ways of expressing, inspiring, or convincing certain feelings and sentiments, in a variety of situations and occasions.

Rhythmic, sweet-sounding, touching, and emotive elements of the lyrics, make them highly impressive, effective, convincing, and inspirational to the listeners. Poems and lyrics have been popular and preferable means of intelligent and impressive communications since immemorial olden times. New Year marks the beginning of a fresh and new period of time in life, for doing lots of necessary things, achieving a variety of creative and worthwhile successes, and for discharging one's responsibilities more wisely and punctiliously. These key facts describe the great importance of new year's day lyrics in society.

Popular New Years Day Lyrics

Popular new year's day lyrics form a variety, and are sung or presented to any or more friends, relatives, lover, neighbors, and other persons of well-acquaintance, on or around the festive and happy occasion of new year. The most popular new year's day lyrics, by majority of people in many regions of the world, are the following (listing not priority-wise) :
  • Brilliant Lies lyrics
  • Temecula Sunrise lyrics
  • My Dear lyrics
  • Razor lyrics
  • Part Time Lover lyrics
  • Away lyrics
  • I Was Right lyrics
  • Who We Are lyrics
  • Ready Aim Misfire lyrics
  • So Long lyrics
  • My Sweet Unvalentine lyrics
  • And, many more new year's day lyrics