New Year Around the World

New Year festival is something special that people eagerly wait for. New Year is the time to usher in the New Year with plenty of hope and promises. New Year is celebrating worldwide with passion and fervor. Be it any country - India, America, France, or Russia, the excitement and energy levels for the New Year never goes down.

New Year's gives people the chance to usher in the coming year in an energetic manner, liveliness with drinking and merriment lasting long into the night. In present practice, New Year's Day follows a night of celebration to greeting the New Year. New Year is a universal festivity. It is a special day of obligation in the Roman Catholic Church, and a day of worship in other denominations of Christianity. Countries celebrate New Year on various dates, with their exclusive traditions and customs. Gifts, parties, and get-togethers mark this festive holiday season. Every person gets into a holiday mood with shopping, holiday cruises and outings. It's one such occasion when rejoicing marks the farewell of the current year with a grand welcome to the New Year. People burst crackers and go outstations to give a new start to their New Year. Every countries follow own traditions and customs to bring in prosperity with the upcoming year. Such celebrations become a memorable one and are esteemed all year long.