New Years Destinations

New Year Eve party is commonly considered and hyped as the party of the year, and is therefore, celebrated with great interest, enthusiasm, and euphoria, in order to welcome the bright and optimistic New Year most gratifyingly.

People of all over the world do a variety of things for making farewell to the passing year, and welcome most enthusiastically the New Year. Apart from the common and general new year eve celebrations, there are some special, unique, and exotic ways of celebrating this joyous and festive occasion in some of the most spectacular, scenic, and popular destinations of the world.

These new year destinations are very popularly and commonly visited with friends, family members, colleagues, co-workers, or even alone. The top and most visited and popular new year destinations of all over the world, are described below in brief.

Top 5 New Year Destinations

123newyears provides top 5 new year destinations around the world, get complete details about it.
  • Sydney, Australia : Sydney's Harbor Bridge has been attracting perceptive and discerning people of all sectors, from all across the world every year, on the occasion of new year eve. This popular new year destination offers the exclusive opportunity to view and enjoy dashing, exotic, and deeply impressive firework display over the sea water, which starts when the clock strikes twelve at the midnight. In addition to the lavish amenities and facilities for the celebration of new year eve, Australia also offers the vacationers of the world over to enjoy scuba dive, fishing sports, and bird watching.
  • Tokyo, Japan : New Year celebrations begin as early as from the 29th December in the Japanese capital Tokyo, and continue until the January 4. Tokyo's Shinto Shrines and Buddhist temples are the major attractions, where apart from the new year prayers and benevolent well-wishes, music and dance festivals in ornate costumes are also organized to entertain the guests of the world over.
  • London, England : London's Big Ben Clock Tower and New Year Parade, are the immensely spectacular things that draw a large number of new year vacationers and guests every year from Europe and other parts of the world.
  • Las Vegas, NV : The four mile long street of Las Vegas hosts magnificent and euphoric new year eve celebrations, replete with splendid, exotic, and dashing firework displays. Las Vegas's new year eve celebrations are among the biggest and best ones.
  • New York, USA : Times Square of New York on every New Year Eve, is certainly one of the most exciting, romanticizing, electrifying, enthralling, and impressive places of all over the world. New York offers every amenity and facility, and the most likeable and appropriate ambiance for the most gratifying and memorable new year eve celebrations.